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Excess Fat

Excess fat is fat on the body that can be a very discouraging aesthetic concern.

What is Excess Fat?

Excess fat is fat on the body that can be a very discouraging aesthetic concern. In fact, sometimes even with proper diet and exercise, excess fat will not go away, which may be attributable to genetics or even just age. As we get older, it can become more difficult to lose stubborn pockets of fat; fat cells can linger in the abdomen, back, love handles, thighs, and submental area (under the chin). In cases where fat is too stubborn to leave the body, there are non-surgical body sculpting treatments that can safely reduce that fat.

Despite why you have excess fat, Alchemy Wellness can help you remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body. Currently, we have the following treatments to address excess fat:

  • SculpSure and SculpSure Submental
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Nutritional Supplements (to aid in the process of weight loss)
  • Medical Weight Loss 

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