Stress is the body's natural physical, mental and emotional reaction to stimulus that requires a response.

What is stress? 

Stress is the body’s natural physical, mental and emotional reaction to stimuli that requires a response. You can experience stress from your environment, body or thoughts, and even positive life changes can produce stress. In an emergency, “fight or flight” is our response to stress. If “flight or flight” becomes chronically activated, however, it can strain your body, mind and soul.

If you are experiencing stress you may benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy, as stress may be causing you a hormone imbalance or a hormonal imbalance may be causing you stress. It might, however, just be a matter of just needing to think about things in a more beneficial way, so that you’re not making “much ado about nothing.” We have the following offerings to assuage stress at Alchemy Wellness:

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