Does TempSure Envi® Skin Tightening Really Work?

Does TempSure Envi® Skin Tightening actually work? Find out here and schedule a consultation at our Austin, Texas office.

What is TempSure Envi® Skin Tightening and does it actually work? Many questions still surround this skin tightening device despite its FDA approval and solid reputation. No doubt you’ve heard of Envi before if you’re into aesthetics. It uses radiofrequency to tighten skin, reducing wrinkles and restoring your radiance. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Actually, TempSure Envi® has been proven effective, time and again. The beauty of Envi is its advanced technology. Unlike a conventional facelift, this radiofrequency system doesn’t require any surgical procedures and gives you results without additives or harmful chemicals. This, along with clinical support for RF treatments, makes TempSure Envi® a definite addition to your aesthetic treatment list.

Even if it works, is Envi the right choice for you? At Alchemy Wellness, we believe that keeping our patients well-informed is one of the keys to giving them the treatment they deserve. We’ve done our research and compiled a few facts to help you decide whether TempSure Envi® is a good call for you. Take a look below and if you still have more questions, our team is happy to help. Once you’re ready, you can schedule an appointment at our Austin, Texas office.

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High Temperature Increases Collagen

A 2017 study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found that new collagen can be produced by maintaining a temperature of over 115°F (46°C) for 3 minutes against your skin. The study also showed that newer RF devices were capable of reaching this temperature while minimizing patient discomfort.

Having been released in 2018, TempSure Envi® represents one of the newest RF devices on the market today. While most older devices are classified as “BiPolar RF,” TempSure Envi® is a “MonoPolar RF” device. What this means is that the Envi’s RF energy can penetrate deeper into the skin while using lower energy levels. This translates to the same, if not greater, collagen production with very little discomfort.

RF Skin Tightening Devices Are Not Like Getting an X-ray

A lot of us are concerned about the potential damage that radiofrequency can have on our bodies. After all, RF is radiation. However, it is not the same as x-rays or gamma rays. When you go in for an x-ray at the doctor’s office, you are being exposed to what is called “high energy” radiation. That is why doctors typically advise minimizing how often you get these procedures done.

By contrast, the radio frequencies emitted by TempSure Envi® are classified as low-energy radiation. Other examples of low-energy radiation devices include WiFi modems, radios, and microwaves. The difference is that with an aesthetic device, these low-energy waves are concentrated in order to heat the skin. The form of radiation used in RF skin tightening devices releases about one billion times less energy than X-rays. Therefore, devices such as the Envi are far less harmful than a typical x-ray scan.

Monopolar Devices Like TempSure Envi® Reduce Wrinkles

TempSure Envi® Skin Tightening might be safer than an x-ray, but has it been shown to work? In a 2018 study, researchers looked at the effectiveness of RF energy in treating wrinkles around the eyes of 70 middle-aged women. Their findings showed that three treatments over the course of six weeks significantly reduced the participants’ wrinkles.

These findings serve as proof of the power of radiofrequency as well as a guide for the average treatment course. However, at Alchemy Wellness, we prefer to approach each patient on an individual basis. Your skin is unique to you and therefore requires an evaluation before we can determine the best treatment schedule.

Have More Questions About TempSure Envi®?

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