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MIC B-12 Weight Loss Injections

Our MIC B-12 weight loss injections can help eliminate stubborn fat. Schedule in Austin, Texas to learn more.

What Are MIC B-12 Injections?

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Greater weight loss results can be had with just a simple series of MIC B-12 Injections. These treatments are made of special compounds that help your body metabolize and eliminate stubborn fat. Treatments are fast, easy, and can be administered right here in our Austin, Texas office. Get in touch with our Alchemy Wellness team to learn more.

How Do MIC B-12 Injections Work?

MIC B-12 features several compounds, each of which aids in the breakdown of stubborn fat. Methionine and Choline help your body metabolize and use fat. Inositol helps regulate your hormones and insulin levels. The inclusion of B-12 improves your energy, providing you with an added boost to get you through the day. These injections are great in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can facilitate weight loss and reach your goals quickly.

What Are Treatments Like?

These injections are typically administered into the arm or other areas containing subcutaneous fatty tissues (such as the thigh, abdomen, or buttocks). They don’t pose a risk of complications unless you’re sensitive to a specific amino acid or nutrient. Typically, we recommend weekly injections while sticking to your weight loss plan. These injections don’t result in any downtime post-session.

What Results Can I Expect?

These injections can help accelerate your weight loss. However, they are not a miracle cure and cannot help you shed stubborn fat if you are inactive. At Alchemy Wellness, we will discuss these treatments in-depth and recommend ways that you can stay healthy and lose weight.

Find MIC B-12 Weight Loss Injections Here in Austin, Texas

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