Orgasm Enhancing Shot

O-Shot rejuvenates the sensations in the clitoris and G-Spot for better sex.

What is the Orgasm Enhancing Shot?

Similar to the vampire facial in which regenerative blood cells (known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP) are used to enrich facial appearance, the Orgasm Enhancing Shot rejuvenates the sensations in the clitoris and G-Spot for better sex. 

What can I expect during the treatment?

We will first apply a numbing cream to your clitoris and your G-Spot, so you are not uncomfortable. Then we will draw your blood, spin it in a centrifuge, and retrieve the platelets. We will inject the already-numb area with another local anesthetic before pumping the platelets into your erogenous areas. 

How does the Orgasm Enhancing Shot do its magic? 

PRP injected into the genitalia will increase blood flow, nerve function, and collagen production, thus improving sensation. 

What can I expect from this treatment? 

Immediately after, your vagina will be swelled and extra sensitive. You will not be able to have sex for three days after the procedure, as to avoid an infection due to the incisions. But other than that, there’s no downtime. Once healed, you can expect increased sexual desire, natural lubrication, and heightened and more frequent orgasms. Patients report breathtaking results, complete with deep, throbbing and toe-curling orgasms and blissful, effortless explosions. 

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