Regardless of the decision by the Gov. of Texas to lift the mask mandate, COVID-19 Safety Measures remain in place at Lotus Gynecology, Alchemy Wellness, and Central Texas Urogynecology. Masks are still required and we will continue to take all necessary steps to protect your health as well as that of our staffs and families.

Trips and Adventures

We curate special Trips and Adventures to keep you feeling fresh!

We at Alchemy Wellness know what it’s like to be committed so totally to career, family, our children, our friends. Though our dutifulness is commendable, it’s incredibly important to explore what the world has to offer outside of our familiar realms. How else will we grow in tandem with our ever-expanding planet and keep up with our greatest hopes, dreams and aspirations? We must continuously expand; that’s why we’ve curated special Trips and Adventures to keep you fresh. Enjoy nature excursions, healing destinations, and other delicious experiences that call us to adventure.

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