VI Peels

Our VI Peels can exfoliate your skin and give you a fresh complexion free of hyperpigmentation. Schedule in Austin, Texas today.

What Are VI Peels?

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Regular skincare is part and parcel of staying beautiful, but sometimes, a facewash and cream don’t cut it. In those cases, VI Peels may hold the key to giving you a fresh, renewed complexion. These peels work on exfoliating your skin and stimulating collagen production. This improves the health and beauty of your skin while helping you stay natural. Get in touch with our team at Alchemy Wellness today to experience one of these peels firsthand.

What Do These Treatments Address?

VI Peels are specialized chemical peels that are clinically formulated to address a range of skincare issues. These include enlarged pores, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, and much more. Since these peels are non-invasive, they can serve as a worry-free option for those just getting into aesthetics. If you want to look younger and have clearer skin without injections, a VI Peel session may be right for you.

What Are Treatment Sessions Like?

A chemical peel session involves the application of the peel to the face. This process is simple and typically takes about 20 minutes to perform. Once the VI Peel is applied, we will allow the exfoliation process to do its job. Afterward, we may recommend skincare treatments that can help accelerate your rejuvenation process.

What Can I Expect From VI Peels?

Your skin will likely feel extra sensitive after a peel session. Wearing sunscreen is an absolute must to make sure your skin remains safe as it undergoes its natural renewal. The exfoliation process typically takes about seven days to complete. Afterward, you will notice a visible decrease in acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. VI Peels can be repeated to give you the best outcome.

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